Who’s Reading?

Please let us know a little about yourself. We don’t need any more of your identity than you’re comfortable with putting on the internet, but we’d love to hear how you heard about the book, and whether you have any connection to Rev. Myers; Are you part of his extended family? Do you attend a church, or live in a town that was in his preaching circuit? Can you find a relative in the book?

Just drop a comment below, and thanks! And when you’re done reading the book, come on back and give us a review.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Reading?”

  1. Dear brothers,

    Thank you very much for offering this e-book freely, that brings so much information about the recent history of the confessing reformed churches in the USA. As a church-planter in Spain I will read it with much interest.

    Yours in Christ,
    Dr. Jorge Ruiz Ortiz


  2. Robert L. Peterson said:

    I enjoyed this book very much.

  3. johntjeffery said:

    I heard about the book from Westminster Theological Seminary. My only connection to Rev. Myers is that I am a pastor of a small country church. I am very appreciative of the availability of this work as a free digital book. Thank you!

  4. John Bishop, Christian school administrator. Thanks!

  5. Hello,

    I saw a “tweet” from Camden Bucey of Reformedforum.org which led me here.
    I attend Grace OPC in Modesto, CA.

    BJ Mora

  6. My uncle is pastoring on the plains of Nebraska, but has also served a church in Rhode Island; I’m looking forward to reading this and passing it along! Thank you for making it freely available.

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