Preaching on the Plains resulted from the efforts of many people.

Rev. Myers finished his memoir in 1982 and went to meet his beloved Savior, of whom he had been such a faithful messenger, in 1992.

Mary Peterman (Rev. Myers’ daughter) held on to her father’s typewritten manuscript, and retyped it on a computer. She is a lifelong organist, and plays at New Life  PCA (where she is a member, and her late husband Gordon was an elder), as well as Bonita OPC.

Reuben Settergren typeset the text as a book, in formats suitable for printing and e-reading. He has many other Reformed projects on the web, including Hoagies & Stogies,  Daily Confession and Westminster, the Structured Shorter Catechism, and personal and team blogs.

Eddie Peterman (Mary’s son) drew the cover art. The road depicted is a particular dirt road in North Dakota, leading to the Little Missouri River near Watford City, which still looks today as it did when the author so frequently traveled it.

Christopher Verdick designed the cover. More of his art, photography, and graphic design can be found at roarkart.com, and his custom-designed T-shirts can be bought (for a cause!) from Quichrbichn.


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